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Fog & Expectations was created using Urban Bazaar's backyard garden space as its "preview" installation, a generative composition with melodic fragments derived from bells, tones and field recordings. When installed on multiple players, it plays indefinitely without repeating. The melodic fragments are composed so that the installation will always play a similar - but never the same - song.

Contact David via this website if you’d like to create your own installation. It is ideally suited for 6-8 CD/iPod/MP3 players with speakers placed in the periphery of a garden or other outdoor (or indoor!) space where the tones and sounds will merge with existing ambiences. A stereo reduction CD is also available.

In addition to sound and music recorded in the studio, Fog and Expectations also uses fragments of material contributed by freesound artists Omar Alvarado, bbmario, Benboncan, C. Beeching, cdiupe, cfork, Cloudform, E330, Jovica, kerri, klankbeeld, Omara Alvarado, MaxMan, Sarana and yragentman.

Release date: 2011